The Cafe

Aviles Street Cafe
Aviles Street Cafe – Photoart by the Author

Welcome to the Cafe! This is a place to relax and chat with others who share an interest in St. Johns County research. Do you have a question? We’ll do our best to help. If you know about an interesting record collection or have a tip for making the most of a local archive, we’d all like to hear about it.

At the bottom of most pages and posts on this site you will find a comment box. The site’s commenting system works much the same as the status updates found on Facebook. In fact, you can use your Facebook, Google+, Twitter or WordPress account to post your comment.

One thought on “The Cafe

  1. moultriecreek

    Hello! I’m Denise and I’m the coordinator or the St. Johns County GenWeb site. If you are working on family research in St. Johns County, please introduce yourself and share the families and periods you’re researching.


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