St. Johns County Biographies

The USGenWeb Archives for St. Johns County biographies contains an impressive collection of genealogical material, including biographies for the following people:

  • George Washington Bassett, Jr.
  • Barton B. Bigler
  • Goold Taylor Butler
  • Edward Noble Calhoun
  • Charles Augustus Choate
  • Harold Wilfred Colee
  • Louis Albert Colee
  • Granville D. Coxe
  • Augustus H. Craig
  • George Rainsford Fairbanks
  • Herbert Felkel
  • Robert S. Garnette
  • William P. Genovar
  • Obe P. Goode
  • James B. Griffin
  • Louis F. Hindry
  • Fountain N. Holmes
  • Charles F. Hopkins
  • John Johnson
  • Lack A. Lew
  • Joseph Albert McDonald
  • Maria Catalina Bonelli Pacetti
  • Thoedore V. Pomar
  • G. Walter Potter
  • Frank A. Rolleston
  • John Warren Sackett
  • Leonard F. Sanchez
  • Henry Edwin Sewall
  • General Edward Kirby Smith
  • Reginald White

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