Spanish Land Grants

In 1790, during the second Spanish period, Spain began to offer land grants to encourage settlement in the colony of Florida. When Florida became a territory of the United States in 1821, the United States agreed to honor any valid grants. As a result, family researchers now have access to those records which offer a fascinating look at the history of our area and the families who settled here.

Florida Memory has published their collection of Spanish Land Grants including scanned copies of the original grant documents. The collection is searchable by name or location.

Below is a list of “confirmed” land grants in St. Johns County. Beginning on page 18 of the land grant collection, the “unconfirmed” grants are listed. Note also that the place names and descriptions have changed over time so the list below may have missed grants in those areas.

*For more information, see “Spanish Florida offered land grants to African-Americans” by Susan Parker.

5 thoughts on “Spanish Land Grants

    1. Christian

      Hi, great information on the land grants! Thank you! I have been trying to find any information on a grant that covers where Otoes Place in Fruit Cove is located. Are you by chance familiar with any such information? The only thing I have found is that it was previously owned by Lord George Onslow in the 1770s. I would really love to find any available documentation regarding the history of our neighborhood. Thanks!


      1. I just did a map search of Otoes Place and found a street called Otoes Pl (Place?) on the map just south of Julington Creek and with Fruit Cove Road nearby. Could this be the location for your ancestor’s land grant? See of those old maps look anything like this area.


  1. HOURS of research for a dock permit…

    Pablo Sabate Land Grant, Clark’s (Clarke’s) Rice Plantation, on Gun Club Road / Ring
    Power hangar. A Coquina foundation was uncovered in the areas of commercial / private
    jet hangars, and a few out-buildings in the vicinity. This site WAS due for an archeological
    review…but…dontcha know…it was bulldozed over…on a weekend…dontcha know.


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