Family History Centers

Family History Centers are facilities operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are more than 4,600 family history centers in 134 countries. All family researchers are welcome to take advantage of the services these centers offer. Services include free public access to online resources, one-on-one help, how-to classes, and microfilm and microfiche readers. You can also order genealogical materials from the Family History Library which will be sent to your local center for you to view.

Find a Family History Center near you using the locator at FamilySearch.

2 thoughts on “Family History Centers

  1. Rose-Marie Whitam

    Do you actually have records for Armagh, Ireland – specifically looking for Probate 1855 Ballymartrum, Armagh, Ireland for Harry/Henry Donnelly – Volume 033, Doc. #21, Volume Range Jan.-Feb. 1855? I realize you are probably closed at the present time due to the virus.

    I live in Cimarrone (off 210 – St. Johns)


    1. Rose-Marie

      I don’t have records but I suggest that you check out It is totally free and gives you access to a broad range of records worldwide. There is both a family tree and a number of resources covering their amazing amount of records and research support.


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